Thing 4 – Blogging Begins with Reading

Written on November 2, 2008 – 1:42 pm | by phyfeworld
  • What do you notice about the genre of blog writing in general? WIth the different blogs that I read I found several different approaches to the writing. Blogs written by educators tend to be longer and have a lot of background research to support their topic. The blog written by the 5th grader was straigt up and to the point. I think that many 5th graders will read and respect that blog and get a lot out of it. I noticed the difference in the lengths of the blogs, long or short if you get your point across that is all that counts.
  • (How) is blog reading different from other types of reading? How is it similar? You are reading someone opinion on a topic even if it is well researched. The similarities are that you pick which blogs you read so just like I pick my favorite authors to read I can do the same with the blogs I select the reading. I read what interests me.
  • (How) is blog writing different from other types of writing? How is it similar? Many blogs are written in a casual, friendly, and an easy to read manner. THis differces from newspapers and periodicals.
  • How does commenting contribute to the writing and meaning-making? It immediately gives the reader different perspectives on the same blog post. You can have one idea as you complete the blog and then ready some comments and see things differently. Or notice something that you didn’t pick up on before.
  • Is there a “blogging literacy?” How does blogging affect the way we read and write? I am sure there is blogging literacy  but I don’t know exactly what it is globally. I know the quidelines that my school district has put on blogging and that is to use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. I think that some blogs use IM language and are not good examples of correct writing for our students.
  • (How) can blogging facilitate learning? The kids can pick blog that interest them. If the teacher ‘grades’ the blogs for spelling . . . etc. it can be a more encouraging way for students to write ‘papers’. Students would prefer to write online that type up a research paper.
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    2.   By Poonam Bhavinani on Nov 4, 2008 |

      My thoughts exactly. I do not want to overwhelm my teachers either. I usually set my eyes on a new teacher every year that i can work with and who is fluent with technology. I know i can work with her and introduce her to new tools to implement in her classroom.

      This year, those same teachers, i feel that were embracing technology do not even have time to do the “fun things” in technology that they were able to incorporate last year. They are having a hard enough time giving tests, etc online

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